Sunday, October 7, 2007


More peppers from the garden. It is fun to see the different varieties and all of their stages of growth and color changes. I enjoy growing these mostly to paint. Some are pretty hot! The habaneros just have not produced this year. I must have started the seeds too late.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Pepper

Another pepper from the garden. I set this up on a white table top. It was interesting to see the reflected light on the underside of the pepper. The bottom edge almost disappeared to the whiteness. I did not capture that. I should have put a background in, that would have helped. I think this is a Purira pepper. It is extremely hot, rivalling a habanero!
Large Moleskine watercolor sketchbook with pen and watercolor.
The computer crashed. Shame on me for not backing everything up! I did lose everything! My biggest regret are photos that have been lost! A huge thanks to my good friend, Dave, for making several house calls and spending several hours trying to save my files and in putting my computer back into working order!!!!!!!!!!!! A true Friend!! Thanks!!