Sunday, January 27, 2008

Church Doodles

Some recent sketches during church. I am using a small Ciak journal. It is about 4"x5". It is an Italian journal and I quite like it. The paper is not real heavy but it will take a light watercolor wash. The oranges are blood oranges. When i go to the bank for work, I go inside a grocery store. The bank is set up by the produce section. These oranges caught my eye and went home with me! I wish the bank tellers could also ring up my purchases! I drew the oranges in another book just before going to church so they were fresh on my mind. The gentleman pictured had a very cool vintage sports coat on! I really liked it. It was a light cream color with an intermittent black square pattern going through it. I am getting over some of my embarrassment of sketching during meetings. Maybe I am just rationalizing the point that I listen better! I definitely listen better if I am awake! The oranges were watercolored when I got home.