Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Every Day in June

I got excited and finished early. /this has been a lot of fun to do. Let me give some explanations:
8.. Chocolate filled with nougat, I am told. Europe.
10. Don't get caught with fish breath.
16. Lakerol pastilles from Sweden.
18. Russian? The writing indicates caramel but I don't get the lobster part?
21. Crocante from Brazil.
I have had great fun searching and collecting candies and painting them. I hope that you enjoy!


Africantapestry said...

Brian, I simply love these calenders you do! This one is so colorful and original...wouldn't it be great to frame them and hang them where they can be admired, a whole series? Keep on doing them, they're special.

davideug said...
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Maui said...

Well it is good that I can still see your calenders here. These are great because each day is small enough that you could cover them with your hand and "Tweedle-Dee" and "Tweedle-Dumber" won't be able to really tell what your doing. Just keep your Hannah Planner near and just tell them your "planning your work". Keep up the good work.

Jana Bouc said...

This is brilliant!!!! Did you actually do the drawing and painting on a calendar? With watercolor? I love the Diet Coke interspersed among all the candy. Do you do a different theme for different months or just candy? Amazing...I love your work!

Genine said...

Brian this is great!! Awesome idea.

Tracy said...

this is just so fun. i really love the whole thing - all the drawings and then the calendar itself. i went searching back in your archives and found another - these are just so wonderful and i hope you continue to do them.

Ed Beard said...

I love these calendars. The candy and soda packaging drawings are awesome.