Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Mess O' Peppers

I saw these peppers at Costco the other day and I knew they needed to come home with me. They were all in a bag together. Very colorful. An unknown variety of peppers, greenhouse grown in Canada. I still can't get things to scan exactly right, even after fiddling and adjusting. The actual colors are more pure and vibrant than my scan.


mrana said...

This is gorgeous Brian, what a great mix of colour and shape!

Genine said...

Great drawing Brian. I haven't visited in while (it's been crazy here!) and see you've posted some aweosome sketches. I love the venice one too.

Conratulations on becomming a grandparent

martha said...

Wonderful! I love these colors, and you have great patience to render all those overlapping objects.