Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New to this Game

I am way out of my zone on this. I am an old fart trying to learn some new tricks. I will attempt to post pictures of some of my art that I have been working on . I would appreciate feedback, try not to be too brutal!

I have been doing pen and ink and watercolors on the backs of my business cards. They have taken watercolor more like hot pressed watercolor paper. These are quick paintings, in the two to three minute range, each. Any advice on scanning these images and making them look better would also be appreciated. This is the peppers group.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome website! I knew you were talented, but did not know to what extent. I think your paintings are really remarkable. . .but then I am a little prejudice, since you are my brother-in-law. :) Great job! Love, Pat

Claudia said...

W O W ! I love them. I want more flowers. Pleeease?