Sunday, April 8, 2007

Old Shoes

These are my gardening shoes. They started life as my work shoes at Chuck-a-Rama. I wanted a good durable shoe that would last. I don't remember how much I paid, but it was more than the average price for shoes. They are Redwing shoes. They are about 30 years old now! I still like wearing these, they fit just right and are very comfortable. I think they are due for a good leather conditioning treatment!


Ana Banana said...

beautiful watercoloring, Brian. Very delicate and light. I like.

Maui said...

Wow Brian, I think it might be time for some new shoes. :) I told you, you have the right stuff. I really like this one.

brian nelson said...

Thanks, Ana and Maui for your support and kind words. It means a lot!!