Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For My Pentrace Friends

This one is for my friends over on Pentrace. This Sheaffer and lock belonged to my Dad's Dad. I think that I got the fountain pen collecting gene from him. The lock is now one of my grandson's favorite things to play with. He calls it the locker. It hangs on the wall in my den. He will always ask first and then carefully get it down. When he is through playing he will then put it away. That does not happen with the other toys, so I know he senses this is different and special.


Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! More fountain pens, please.

Mike said...

The embedded memories within your art bring tears to eyes that have been dry for most of twelve years. A true artist touches the soul--something you have mastered.

Jason said...

Where do I place my order for 2 paintings of sunflowers? I need them for my summer project of remodeling.

Let me know. Thanks -