Friday, April 27, 2007

Stuck on Sunflowers

I know, it is a lot of sunflowers lately. I have had requests to sell a couple, I have had requests for Mother's day gifts etc. So I have been doing more sunflowers. This one is about 5x5 inches. It may be finding a new home today. I started on a larger painting the other day. I have given up on it. It looked great after the drawing stage but quickly went down hill in the painting stage.
I will probably get a couple of posts up before our trip. I will be in Tampa, Florida next week. I do not think that I will have computer access. Hopefully, I will be excited with new sights and opportunities to paint.



mrana said...

Brian, your sunflowers are gorgeous! I just bought a bunch which I mixed with yellow freesias and they look so good I'm now considering drawing them after being inspired by your work!

brian nelson said...

Thankyou! I have been having a lot of fun painting them. I also sold this one and another one yesterday. That is my first sale! That was pretty exciting!

Kary said...

Congratulations on the sale Brian! And thanks so much for my little fish--it's hanging above my desk. Have a great time in Florida--lots to look at there.

The Wittering Rainbow said...

Congratulations on the sale. I'm not surprised, its a lovely sunflower!