Friday, April 20, 2007

Snack Time

I have been painting on the back of my business cards while at work. I usually let customers choose which card they want. I have fifteen or so in my pocket at any given time. One of my coworkers requested this one. It was hard to get the colors right on my scan even with 2.0 reading glasses I had a hard time seeing it on the monitor. The colors and the saturation are not quite right. The cards are 2" by 3.5". Now that I have scanned this I can pass it along to Maui.
Thanks for all the comments that you all have been leaving. It is very appreciated especially during this time of starting my blog. I look forward to building new friendships through our passion for art. Thanks for your encouragement!!


Linda said...

Hey -- painting the back of your business cards is a fantastic idea! I think I'm going to stick some in my art bag for those moments (few as they are) when there's not much going on!

suzanne said...

This one is really fun. I love those Keebler elves. They work so hard!

Maui said...

Enjoy this one here everyone, I have the one and only Brian original. These cheese and crackers are just one of the things that will always remind me of Brian, that's why i requested this. It is fun, isn't it? Brian you rock!!!